Certifikovaný dodávateľ špičkovej japonskej klimatizácie



Under the label AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS KLIMAC® we specialize in the field of ventilation and air conditioning Technologies for more than 20 years. You can rely on the experts. Thanks to our long-standing and successful experience we can satisfy the needs of every household (flats and family houses), business (shops and offices) and industry (production and storage halls). We are representing all of the renowned labels and trade marks in the fields of air-conditioners and air-conditioning systems. We are a certified trading partner of the DAIKIN company. Our plentiful experience and quality of the services provided by us is confirmed by long-established tradition and by many of the satisfied customers.


Tradition and quality

Thanks to our high-quality and reliable services we have become one of the top companies in the air-conditioning branch in Slovakia. Large and renowned companies both in Slovakia and abroad are our satisfied customers.


Complex services

We specialize on providing complex services in the fields of air-conditioning systems and air-conditioners from suggesting the suitable offer up to the complex application and installation of the technologies.



In order to produce the air-conditioning pipes and simple air-conditioning components, we have a Sheet Metal Workshop with storage facilities. Here we are manufacturing the pipes of the group 1-3 and even some components such as air-conditioner grids, blinds, damping pads etc.


Renowned brands

Individual components of air-conditioner, such as air-conditioning units, ventilators and refrigeration units are supplied from several top-producers of air-conditioning systems. We are a renowned distributor of the Daikin air-conditioning.


New technologies

We keep a constant watch on the development of new technologies.Subsequently, we try to imply them into our programme so that we can provide our customers the most innovative services of the highest quality.


Service and product quarantee

A part of our complex technology supply, we also carry out the assembly work of the devices. We provide a 24-month guarantee for each supplied device. During the whole operating time we are able to provide reliable maintaining service.